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    Description of the functions of servers

    The outgoing mail server authentication.

    The authorization is based on the fact that in contrast to the standard configuration of the outgoing mail server (SMTP that does not require authorization) before sending e-mail is required username and password. The purpose of this function is to limit the ability to send mass e-mail by unauthorized Internet users and thus blocking the servers and networks.

    The auto-reply of mail server.

    This function lies in the fact that the server after receiving an e-mail account sends automatic messages to the sender of a message from the owner of the account. This is generally used during the holiday season to the notification, the absence of the account holder. Content of the autoreply message is defined by user.

    The access to website by password.

    This feature allows you to specify which files and directories will be available to the public and to which access is restricted to those who know the password. Password is defined by the user.

    Mail forward to defined address

    The mail server after receiving the message forwards it to the indicated earlier address (optional, you can declare that a copy of a message). This is generally used for notification of incoming mail on the phones in the mobile or pager networks.

    Access to the sites by using FTP.

    This feature allows the user to modify the contents of web pages by sending the files that make up a web service using the file transfer protocol client program.

    Guestbook script

    Guest book script, is a mechanism that allows website visitors to leave an entry with his comments on the content with greetings.

    Counter script references to your website.

    Counter of requests to the website is a mechanism that allows the owner to find out how many people visited the website. The script on our server performs intelligent analysis of appeals, that does not include a series of appeals made to raise the counter.

    Webmail – online email usage by web browser.

    The e-mail service through a web browser gives you easy access to your email account from any computer connected to the Internet. It requires no configuration changes to the mail program. Just remember e-mail address and password. It is ideal for travelers that use a variety of computers. The system is also able to delete the e-mail directly on the server before downloading it to your local computer.

    Detailed statistics of access to the web server.

    Statistics of Web Server is a mechanism that allows precise analysis of the traffic generated in the web server. Generated every 24 list it gives information on: the distribution of peak traffic, followed by the countries of the connection source, the number of files downloaded, the type of browser used, and many others.

    Secure transmission with SSL

    This feature enables transmission through the web server in encrypted form. Recommended especially for services, which makes the exchange of sensitive information (personal data, addresses, bank accounts, credit card numbers). Normally we offer unqualified certificates. We also work with Unizeto S.A. – qualified issuer of SSL certificates. The practical difference between qualified and unqualified certification lies in the fact that in the case of a secure website certificate unqualified, Web browser will display a warning about the lack of qualified certificate – transmission, however, will still be encrypted.